​                                                    LIVE FOOD AND FRESH JUICES 

                                                                        Catering menu         
                        Always on the menu RAW, VEGAN, ORGANIC, Food.

                             all recipes subject to availability at the moment

Abbreviations: R-Raw, RD-Raw Dehydrated, RM-Raw Marinated,

MD-Marinated-Dehydrated,  SP-Sprouted,

SPD-Sprouted Dehydrated, SO-Soaked Overnight, CP-Cold Pressed,

VF-Vegan Fire (garlic, onion, ACV, hot peppers,) hot salsa, food saver

Platter #1. cauliflower-cashews "mashed potatoes" made with garlic,lemon and spices

topped with cashew eggplant sauce, comes with flat bread, kale chips,tomato-zucchini patties

eggplant chips and choice of fermented beets or cabbage.

Platter#2 Sprouted forbidden rice enhanced with nutritional yeast, olive oil and choice of ACV or

Nama Chouy fermented soy sauce comes with: zucchini patties, flat bread and eggplant chips

Platter#3 Sprouted Garbanzo beans spread with spices and hulled sesame seeds,

enhanced with olive oil and smoked paprika comes with flat bread and kale chips.

                                                                           Everyday recipes

 #1. D Flat bread, Ingredients: VF, almonds, buckwheat, quinoa, sunflower seeds, tomatoes,

red bell peppers, nutritional yeast-B12 fortified, smoked paprika,  hot peppers, tomatoes.

 #2  MD Eggplant jerky:Ingredients marinated in apple cider vinegar, cold pressed olive oil,

(coconut oil in recipe #2) Nama Chouy-soy sauce, paprika, hot peppers.

 #3. D Kale nachos, Ingredients: macadamia nuts, sun flower seeds, neutralized nutritional

yeast-B12 apple cider vinegar, hot peppers.,

 #4. D zucchini patties, Ingredients: Almonds, onion, neutralized nutritional yeast with B12,

hot peppers, apple cider vinegar.

  #5 SP. forbidden black rice, fortified with nutritional yeast, olive or flax (by request+$1) oil,

“Nama Choy soy sauce”       

  #6 R. Cashew-cauliflower VF, lemon,garlic “mashed potatoes”

Always available vegetable juices squeezed out of: carrots, beets, cucumbers, lemons, celery,

green apples, or any combination of available at the moment veggies and greens                              

                                                                          Stand Alone Recipes

  #7.R Quinn of the menu - LASAGNA ,  Ingredients: zucchini, sweet basil, macadamia nuts, cashews,

VF,  CP olive oil, tomatoes, red bell pepper, nutritional yeast

#8 MD, Eggplant dumplings, choice of cauliflower-cashews, or no salt sauerkraut filling
#10. RD, Flax seed pancakes with maple syrup and cinnamon
#11. RD California taco with walnut-tomato filling, VF, avocado, basil pesto
#12. R.  Zucchini Spaghetti & tomato-walnut sauce
#13. R. Zucchini noodles in kale pesto, lemon, walnuts, olive oil, VF,
#15.Fermented-fresh beet salad, with walnuts and CP Olive oil

Vegetable juices made out of: Carrots, beets, cucumbers, lemons, celery,

green apples, or any combination. of available at the moment veggies                             

. . .
#18.Fermented Red Beets-Bell Pepper custom European Borsh with fermented cabbage fresh zucchini,

sprouted beans,garlic and vegan "Sour cream" made with sun flower seeds and cauliflower      
 All soups are fortified with greens, avocados and zucchinis, optional (nutritional yeast and Nama Choy

or “seed cream dressing”


#20 BANANA PANCAKE, flax, dehydrated coconut, almonds, filtered water, steel cut oats, Sinnamon. Maple syrup.

#21. Apple pie, ingredients: walnuts,dates,apples,vanilla,maple,cinnamon, cacao butter.

#22. Donut holes made with dates, powdered cacao nibs, coconut chips, or dates-apricots, or dates-figs.
#23. R SO.  Banana Cashew Yogurt with lemon and coconut, topped with berries


     # 26 R Fermented Sauerkraut no salt no sugar. Ingredients: Cabbage, carrots, garlic,cloves

     #27 RM Fermented Beets no salt no sugar, Ingredients, Beets, onion, carrots, garlic

Abbreviations: R-Raw, RD-Raw Dehydrated, V- Wormed up RM-Raw Marinated,  

 MD-Marinated-Dehydrated, SP-Sprouted, SPD-Sprouted Dehydrated SO-Soaked Overnight.

CP-Cold Pressed, VF-Vegan Fire (garlic, onion, ACV, peppers,) hot salsa-food saver

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