========================================#1 EGGPLANT JERKY

* Ingredients : Organic eggplant, organic-cold pressed olive oil, organic Nama Shoyu fermented-Unpasteurized SOY SAUCE, organic ACV-(Apple Cider Vinegar) Organic raw "Vegan Fire" - hot peepers food saver (RECIPE #2 ADDED COCONUT TO SWEETEN UP)

​​===============================================#2 DEHYDRATED FLAT "BREAD"

Ingredients:organic tomatoes, organic onion,organic garlic,  organic bell pepper, organic "VEGAN FIRE"- hot peppers food saver  organic lemon ,Organic ACV, organic nutritional yeast, organic almonds, organic quinoa, organic buckwheat, organic flax seeds, organic sunflower seeds. CONTAINS Organic Nama Shoyu Unpasteurized Soy Sauce

Recipe 2A, with no Soy

Nama Choy


======================================================= #3 KALE NACHOS

Ingredients: Organic Kale, Organic Nutritional yeast, Organic ACV, Organic macadamia nuts,  Organic cashews, Organic onion powder,Organic hot peppers.



=========================================== #4 SEMI-SWEET PROTEIN BITES         

Ingredients: "Garden of life"-Raw protein and fiber,Organic coconut shreds,Organic sprouted Pecans,Organic dates, Organic figs, Organic cacao nibs grind, Organic vanilla.Organic lemon.




=======================================  #5 (a)APRICOT-DATES DONUT HOLES

=================================================And (b)dates only recipe

Ingredients: Organic coconut shreds,Organic sprouted walnuts,Organic dates, Organic cacao nibs grind, Organic vanilla.Organic lemon.Organic hemp powder                              


============================================#6. SWEET DATES DONUT HOLES

Ingredients: Organic coconut shreds,Organic sprouted Walnuts, Organic dates, Organic cacao nibs grind,Organic MAPLE syrup-(RECIPE 2WITHOUT SYRUP MORE LEMON )       Organic vanilla. Organic lemon. Organic green hemp powder

                                         KEEP REFRIGERATED FOR 30 DAYS                                       

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